hrec is a small curses utility for making recordings of jack output ports. It is written in Python and is designed to be simple to use, akin to portable voice recorders. hrec utilizes ecasound for all low level recording operations.

The default settings are designed to allow one to make fast recordings from the first two jack system capture ports with minimum setup.


The idea is to have as few parameters as possible while maintaining enough flexibility to be useful. The following can be specified:

  • jack client to record from
  • number of consecutive channels to record
  • starting record channel of specified client
  • directory to store recordings
  • whether you want Jmeters to be run on specified client/channels


The hrec curses UI shows a list of files in the destination directory on the left, and some status information on the right. A basic set of controls is listed below, for a more thorough description, visit the wiki page. If Jmeters is installed on your machine, you have the option of having hrec start meters for selected record channels automatically. Use the ‘-m’ command line switch.

  • Keys:
    • Press ‘r’ to start a recording
    • Press ‘s’ to stop a recording
    • Press ‘m’ to mute monitor chain
    • Press ‘q’ to quit hrec
    • Use the up and down arrow keys to select a recording in the file list


hrec is open source sofware, available here, or, if you use Arch Linux on AUR.